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Facebook, Twitter and much more

While I’m waiting for the game to be approved and uploaded to the app store, I’m working on the Facebook fan page, the Twitter account, the Youtube channel and my website. A lot of work still to do, especially the website.

Have a look at the results and do not hesitate to become a fan (Facebook) or follow us (on Twitter):

  • Facebook:
  • Twitter: @wapptastic
  • Website:
  • Youtube:

Oh, and I also finished the press release. Read it here:


Uploading the game

We started around mid september with a white piece of paper almost and today, 25th October, we uploaded the game to the app store. I’m a happy man! So is my developer, I’m sure. For me, it was quite an interesting journey as I’m completely new to the upload process. I’m amazed by the thoroughness of this process. When we were first uploading the game, we received an error message indicating it was not optimized for the iPhone5. So during the upload, it validates the source somehow. See below the error message:


My developer fixed the error in litteraly 5 minutes and we tried to upload the game again. Finally, the status changed to ‘Waiting for review’.


Now there’s nothing else to do than waiting until Apple will release it to the App Store. There’s also a chance of course that the app gets rejected, we don’t know at this point in time.






Youtube to promote the game

My developer proposed that he would create the Youtube video for an additional $125. He will also create the banners for Twitter, Facebook, the website and the Youtube channel. Sounds like a nice deal. Makes sense if I think about it, he can capture the video while he’s playing the game. So I agreed with him he would do the Youtube video as well.

The delivery has taken a while, but that’s mainly because my developer is focusing on finishing the graphics and I consider that more important than the delivery of the Youtube movie.

The result can be seen on Youtube:

Or on Vimeo:

Candy Land Dash from wApptastic on Vimeo.

Candy Land Dash


We decided to call the game ‘Candy Land Dash’. Makes sense,the game is about Charlie running in a land full of candy. Also, I wanted to have the word Candy in it. It attracts the kids (which is I believe going to be my main target) and I hope that people will search heavily on the word ‘candy’ word in the app store.

I also received the first screenshots of my game as the graphic artwork is finished now.

What is left is inserting a new audiofile, the insertion of the ad netScreenshot2works (RevMob and Chartboost) and testing the game. On my side, I still need to finish the Facebook fan page, the Youtube channel (so I can easily upload the video once it’s ready), the Twitter account, the website and the press release. Lots of work still to do.


Not bad if you look at the mockups I received mid September.

Marketing plan: the sequel

As mentioned in my earlier post on the marketing plan, I’ve been looking into creating a Twitter account, a Facebook fan page, a Youtube channel as well as a website for support reasons. The latter seems to be mandatory if you want to submit a game in the app store.

I have not thought about a logo yet for the game. I would need it for all of the marketing stuff I’m planning to do.  As I’m thinking to launch more games in the future (if this one is somehow successful), I thought it wasn’t a bad idea at all to create a more generic ‘game studio’ logo, something not directly related to the game I’m developing right now, but rather referring to the ‘company’ releasing multiple games.

So I have been working to create a logo. In fact, instead of doing it myself, I have been searching around on the internet and ended up at Fiverr. I had heard about this service before but I never used it to be honest.The good thing is that everything you ask for is priced at $5. Seems most people are trying to upsell some additional stuff, but the base price is always $5. Isn’t that crazy? I can’t even imagine how some people make money on the service they’re offering.

Also, they seem to have the weirdest ideas on that website, e.g. girls in bikini showing your company logo, musicians singing a love song for your wife, people tattooying your name on their belly…really weird, but also awesome :-).

In any case, it triggered me that much that I wanted to have my logo developed by someone on Fiverr. In the end, the only thing I had to lose was the $5 and probably a day or two. Quite honestly, I didn’t expect much earlier this week (request was in on October 7th) when I was submitting my request for a logo on Fiverr. On October 9nd (yesterday) I received the final logo. That’s quite impressive, especially if you know that I have had 3 revisions until I was happy with it. Here is the final result:


By the way: It’s not easy to find a good name, so I ended up with a name that is a mix between Apps – Fantastic and it starts with the first letter of my name.

Apple developer account

As the graphic artwork is soon to be finished, I’m setting up my Apple Developer account. It’s $99 for one year. I’ll have to choose for either an individual account or a company account. I’d like to create a company account, however the only problem is that I would need a DUNS number. I’ve heard it takes weeks sometimes. Also, never heard about a DUNS number to be honest.

So according to wikipedia:

The Data Universal Numbering System, abbreviated as DUNS or D-U-N-S, is a system developed and regulated by “Dun & Bradstreet” Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) that assigns a unique numeric identifier, referred to as a “DUNS number” to a single business entity. It was introduced in 1963 to support D&B’s credit reporting practice. It is a common standard worldwide. DUNS users include the European Commission, the United Nations and the United States government. More than 50 global, industry, and trade associations recognize, recommend, or require DUNS.


I don’t want to take the risk that I have to wait a couple of weeks and as such hold up the release. So I decided to sign up for a personal account. As far as I can tell now, the only real implication is that it will be my personal name that is mentioned in the appstore. Other than that, I can’t find any disadvantage.

Marketing plan

I found the following statistics (148apps)

  • 1 million apps in the App Store
  • 60 billion apps downloaded
  • 13 billion paid out to developers over the years
  • Games per month (for October): 5268 per month (=188 per day)
  • Non-Games per month (for October): 27451 per month (=980 per day)

I’ve also read that a game needs about 25.000 downloads a day to reach the Top 25 in the App store. Don’t worry… I’m smart enough to realize that this won’t happen with my game. But it triggers the question how many times I would like my app to be downloaded. Can I put 500 times a day as a good reference maybe?

Anyhow, that made me think about the question how my app is going to be found in this endless pool of apps in the App Store. So I put some thought into a ‘marketing plan’, what steps will I take to promote my game. Looking around on the internet, it seems the following are the right things to do.

  • Create a press release
  • Setup a Twitter account
  • Create a Facebook page
  • Create a Youtube channel
  • Setup a webpage (this is need for the Apple store in any case)

Doesn’t sound too difficult, the question I’m still struggling with is how to promote the usage of Facebook fan page and the Twitter account as I’m starting litterally with 0 fans or followers.