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The first stats on Candy Land Dash

Today’s 10th November. The game is in the app store since the 1st of November. I’ve received tons of questions in the past two weeks about how my game is doing in the App Store. So I thought it would be good to show some statistics.

Below are the downloads from Oct 31st to Nov, 8th. For some reason, I don’t see the last 2 days yet in the App store statistics and hence also not on AppAnnie.


So in total the app has been downloaded 1384 times in about 8 days. I was hopefull in the beginning as it started off with a decent 500+ downloads the first day. Then, unfortunately, it started to slow down. I still haven’t figured out why this exactly is. It learns me that the most difficult part of app reskinning is the marketing part. I definitely need to think about how to promote my game more.

As you know, I’m using both RevMob and Chartboost to monetize my free game, so how does this translate in numbers:

  • I have earned $20 in total on RevMob
  • I have earned $9.33 in total on Chartboost
  • I have earned about $3 in In App purchases

Something to note is that RevMob is doing much better than Chartboost for now. That’s quite strange cause in the original game, it was the opposite.





Could be much better, right? Need to figure out what to do next. Don’t hesitate to give me some input 🙂


Candy Land Dash is born!!!

Today I received an email from Apple. I was somehow expecting to receive something the coming days as I heard it takes approximately 7 days for Apple to start the review process. So in any case, my app is in review. October 31st around 18.17h I’m receiving below email:


Update to this post on 31st October at 21.55h:I’m receiving below email from Apple. That’s brilliant news as it means my app was approved and will be released soon to the App Store.


Update to this post on 1st November at 00.47h: my game is now in the App Store. Yieeehaaaa 🙂