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Experiment that investigates if developing a mobile game is a good way to generate a passive income

The first stats on Candy Land Dash

Today’s 10th November. The game is in the app store since the 1st of November. I’ve received tons of questions in the past two weeks about how my game is doing in the App Store. So I thought it would be good to show some statistics. Below are the downloads from Oct 31st to Nov, 8th. For some… Read More »

Candy Land Dash is born!!!

Today I received an email from Apple. I was somehow expecting to receive something the coming days as I heard it takes approximately 7 days for Apple to start the review process. So in any case, my app is in review. October 31st around 18.17h I’m receiving below email: Update to this post on 31st October at 21.55h:I’m… Read More »

Facebook, Twitter and much more

While I’m waiting for the game to be approved and uploaded to the app store, I’m working on the Facebook fan page, the Twitter account, the Youtube channel and my website. A lot of work still to do, especially the website. Have a look at the results and do not hesitate to become a fan (Facebook) or follow… Read More »

Uploading the game

We started around mid september with a white piece of paper almost and today, 25th October, we uploaded the game to the app store. I’m a happy man! So is my developer, I’m sure. For me, it was quite an interesting journey as I’m completely new to the upload process. I’m amazed by the thoroughness of this process.… Read More »

Youtube to promote the game

My developer proposed that he would create the Youtube video for an additional $125. He will also create the banners for Twitter, Facebook, the website and the Youtube channel. Sounds like a nice deal. Makes sense if I think about it, he can capture the video while he’s playing the game. So I agreed with him he would… Read More »

Candy Land Dash

We decided to call the game ‘Candy Land Dash’. Makes sense,the game is about Charlie running in a land full of candy. Also, I wanted to have the word Candy in it. It attracts the kids (which is I believe going to be my main target) and I hope that people will search heavily on the word ‘candy’… Read More »

Marketing plan: the sequel

As mentioned in my earlier post on the marketing plan, I’ve been looking into creating a Twitter account, a Facebook fan page, a Youtube channel as well as a website for support reasons. The latter seems to be mandatory if you want to submit a game in the app store. I have not thought about a logo yet… Read More »

Apple developer account

[keen] As the graphic artwork is soon to be finished, I’m setting up my Apple Developer account. It’s $99 for one year. I’ll have to choose for either an individual account or a company account. I’d like to create a company account, however the only problem is that I would need a DUNS number. I’ve heard it takes… Read More »

Marketing plan

[keen] I found the following statistics (148apps) 1 million apps in the App Store 60 billion apps downloaded 13 billion paid out to developers over the years Games per month (for October): 5268 per month (=188 per day) Non-Games per month (for October): 27451 per month (=980 per day) I’ve also read that a game needs about 25.000… Read More »

Mobile ad networks: RevMob and Chartboost

While my development team is working on the graphics, I’m focusing on setting up some tools in the background. First off, the source code I purchased has RevMob and Chartboost in it. Both bring advertisements to my mobile game. Quite honnestly, it took me some time to figure out how one another works related to mobile ads. I’m… Read More »