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Configure ACI with Terraform and Gitlab CI/CD

Introduction As promised, we’ll configure an ACI network using a CI/CD pipeline. If you understood this post, you’ll easily grasp this one as well. In the end, whether you configure an ACI resource or an ACI resource with Gitlab, the same principles apply. So we’ll run fast over this one. In this blog post, we will be using… Read More »

Python with Jinja2 and YAML

Introduction In this post we’ll see how to work with Jinja2 and YAML in your Python projects, to easily create and modify templates based on a YAML template. Essentially, we will use the configuration in the YAML file to replace the placeholders in the Jinja 2 template file. Jinja2 is widely used, examples include Ansible and also Flask… Read More »

B4B instead of B2B

Why is this interesting In the past decades and even now, most companies were/are built around the traditional model of “make, sell and ship” (B2B). These companies sell a product. Obviously this product needs to be installed so they would sell some services along with it.Obviously, they were/are also selling often expensive support contracts that allows them to… Read More »

AWS account hacked…the verdict

In thispost I described how somebody got unauthorised access to my AWS account and started 160 EC2 instances. I was called by Amazon and started a support case to which I received an initial reply as described in this post. A week has passed, have been sending some mails back and forth with the support team about the… Read More »

AWS account: first feedback received

In this post, I described how I found out that somebody had been using my AWS account for his own benefit. I received a first reply to my case This is **** in the Escalations team at AWS Customer Service. I’m terribly sorry for any concern the unauthorized usage of your account may have caused, but it looks like… Read More »

AWS account hacked

Surprise I’m a loyal user of AWS since years, I simply like the concept of doing everything in the cloud and I always believed they have an amazing set of services to offer. Although I’m not a heavy user at all (I typically spend less than 10USD per month), I use it quite frequently. I launch an EC2… Read More »