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Docker: Docker Machine and Virtualbox

Introduction Wanted to learn a bit more on Docker Machine. The idea of Docker Machine is to provision Docker hosts on remote systems. The definition on the Docker site is as follows: Docker Machine is a tool that lets you install Docker Engine on virtual hosts, and manage the hosts with docker-machine commands. You can use Machine to… Read More »

Docker: container linking using Docker Compose

Introduction In previous post, we have been deploying a full web application through linking two containers (application and database) with each other through the docker command line. All went well, but all in all, it is not really an optimal solution. Luckily, Docker again comes to the rescue with the ‘docker-compose’ tool. Dockers explains it pretty well on… Read More »

Docker: push image to Docker hub

Introduction In the previous post, we created an Express application using a Dockerfile. We successfully ran this container at the end of that post (e.g we could see the ‘hello world’ string with our webbrowser. As it worked successfully, we will now push our own image to the Docker Hub so other people could benefit from what we… Read More »

Docker: building our own images

In the previous posts (like here , or here ), we always worked with images that already existed, that were created by someone else and made available on Docker hub. In order to see the images that were already downloaded on our host system, run the ‘docker images’ command. root@ubuntu-demo:/home/cloud-user# docker images REPOSITORY TAG IMAGE ID CREATED VIRTUAL… Read More »

Docker: start, stop and remove containers

This post is a very short intermezzo just to show how to stop and restart containers and eventually also to remove them. We’ve seen that with ‘docker ps’, we get an overview of the containers that are currently running. Stopping is as simple as issuing the ‘docker stop ‘ command. See below for the execution: root@ubuntu-demo:/home/cloud-user# docker ps… Read More »

Docker: running simple Hello World web application

This post will focus on running an easy web application in a Docker container. We will run a simple web application that displays ‘Hello World’ in a web browser. In order to do so, we will run a Docker container with the training/webapp base image which can be found here. Running the following command (see previous tutorial also)… Read More »

Docker: running basic containers (hello world style)

After installing and updating the docker daemon, it’s about time to get our hands dirty and run some real applications. As you know by know, I always start easy and will fallback onto the Hello World type of applications. In later tutorials, I plan to go a bit deeper and run maybe some Express or Sinatra webapp. That’s… Read More »

Docker: connect to network socket

Introduction By default, the docker daemon listens on a unix socket, a unix domain socket (or IPC socket) is created at /var/run/docker.sock, requiring either root permission, or docker group membership. If you want to have docker listen on a TCP socket, you could do this as well. You could do this as follows (note that is the… Read More »