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As there are many different programming languages, many different frameworks, a lot of databases (both SQL as well as NoSQL) and ORM frameworks, lots of different client frameworks, lots of different devices, different ways of deploying the software…’s very hard to cope up with all these varieties. This section is using a simple “To Do” application as a foundation and I will develop it in different languages, using different tools and databases and build different clients for it. It’s kind of a more complex “Hello World” application that will allow me to understand how everything works together. As I have a tendency to forget stuff I learned and don’t use very often, I have created these posts as they serve as a braindump somehow :-) Enjoy it….

Python with Jinja2 and YAML

Introduction In this post we’ll see how to work with Jinja2 and YAML in your Python projects, to easily create and modify templates based on a YAML template. Essentially, we will use the configuration in the YAML file to replace the placeholders in the Jinja 2 template file. Jinja2 is widely used, examples include Ansible and also Flask… Read More »

Consuming Express (NodeJS) REST API with Angular

In our previous post, we had developed a simple Jade application to consume the REST API service we developed in this post. Right now, we will basically do the same but we will use Angular instead of Jade. To get started, we will first clone the Github repository that contains the server code. wim@ubuntu:~/Blog/Express_Todo_Mongo_API_Angular$ git clone Express_Todo_Mongo_API_Angular… Read More »

REST API Server with Node (Express) and Mongo

In previous posts, I have been using Sinatra and Flask to create a REST API for a simple todo application. Nodejs has been on my todo list for quite some time so I decided to get to create the same todo-application again in NodeJS (with the Express JS framework). Have fun following this tutorial. Luckily, the Express framework… Read More »

Getting Started with PubNub and Sendgrid

Inspired by my first experience with PubNub I took it a small step further. While publishing some messages, I also wanted to send an email along using the Sendgrid service. Below is the code for this: from Pubnub import Pubnub import sendgrid import json publish_key = ” subscribe_key = ” channel = ‘wapptastic’ message = ‘Hello Wapptastic’ def… Read More »

Getting started with PubNub

[keen] Inspired by this blogpost from my good friend Antonio Mancuso, I decided to experiment also a little bit with PubSub. I know the technology from previous experiences but I have never been able to really take a deep dive into it. As Antonio gave an example based on Ruby, I decided to create an equivalent using Python.… Read More »

Experimenting with Celery and RabbitMQ

Celery is an opensource asynchronous distributed task queue that allows processing of vast amounts of messages. That’s a mouth full of course. Let me explain it a bit easier by giving a concrete example: the idea is that for instance activation emails for new sign ups on your website are handled via tasks that are distributed to and… Read More »

Send SMS via Twilio

While I was looking for a tool to send SMS text messages to my customers, I came across Twilio. It seemed pretty straightforward to integrate into my applications. So I decided to write a small script to test this service. This post describes some easy steps to get started with Twilio, more in particular, we write a small… Read More »