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As there are many different programming languages, many different frameworks, a lot of databases (both SQL as well as NoSQL) and ORM frameworks, lots of different client frameworks, lots of different devices, different ways of deploying the software…’s very hard to cope up with all these varieties. This section is using a simple “To Do” application as a foundation and I will develop it in different languages, using different tools and databases and build different clients for it. It’s kind of a more complex “Hello World” application that will allow me to understand how everything works together. As I have a tendency to forget stuff I learned and don’t use very often, I have created these posts as they serve as a braindump somehow :-) Enjoy it….

Webservice for system info: client part

Introduction In this post, we created a webservice that would allow us to store system information such as public and private IP address or the system name of your computer. In this post, we will develop a small client to use the server. GET /ip Retrieves the list of all systeminfo from the database GET /ip/:id Retrieves a… Read More »

Webservice for system info: server part

Introduction The purpose is to build a webservice to store system information such as private and public IP address, computername etc. We will build a Sinatra app with a sqlite database for development purposes and a Postgres database for production purposes as we will deploy it to Heroku when finished. If it’s the first time you are deploying… Read More »

Python Scraping

In this post, I will perform a little scraping exercise. Scraping is a software technique to automatically collect information from a webpage. Note: I have provided this example for illustrative purposes. It should be noted though scraping websites is not always allowed. What will we be doing? In this post, I will be building a very small program… Read More »

Flask Todo app with SQLAlchemy on OpenShift

Starting from the Hello World application In this post, we will create a Todo application based on Flask and SQLAlchemy and also immediately deploy it to Openshift. We begin by creating a simple Hello World app on Openshift to ensure everything works as expected. Flask_Todo_SQLAlchemy$ rhc app create todo python-2.7 postgresql-9.2 ——————- Domain: wymedia Cartridges: python-2.7, postgresql-9.2 Gear… Read More »

Flask Hello World on OpenShift

Introduction Building further on the very simple Hello World Flask app that I created, I wanted to see how difficult it was to do the same on OpenShift. Luckily, the Openshift team has prepared a template app for deploying Flask apps on Openshift. That makes life a bit easier. $ rhc app create hello python-2.7 Application Options ——————-… Read More »