Docker: Docker Machine and DigitalOcean

By | 14/04/2016


In this post we started of with Docker Machine and Virtualbox. Then we moved on to something more complex, we launched a docker host on AWS post. Just for fun, I wanted to try it also on DigitalOcean and documented it in this post. Rather straightforward as you will notice soon.

Getting all info

I’m assuming you already have an DigitalOcean account. You will need to create a token on DigitalOcean. The procedure is very well explained here.

Using Docker Machine

Creating a docker host on Digitalocean is very straightforward. See below the command to achieve this

WAUTERW-M-G007:Downloads wauterw$ docker-machine create --driver digitalocean --digitalocean-access-token xxxxxx778aa584xxxxx docker-1-digitalocean


We can then launch containers etc on this newly provisioned DigitalOcean host, but we refer to previous tutorials on Docker Machine on how to do this exactly.

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