Marketing plan

[keen] I found the following statistics (148apps) 1 million apps in the App Store 60 billion apps downloaded 13 billion paid out to developers over the years Games per month (for October): 5268 per month (=188 per day) Non-Games per month (for October): 27451 per month (=980 per day) I’ve also read that a game needs about 25.000… Read More »

Mobile ad networks: RevMob and Chartboost

While my development team is working on the graphics, I’m focusing on setting up some tools in the background. First off, the source code I purchased has RevMob and Chartboost in it. Both bring advertisements to my mobile game. Quite honnestly, it took me some time to figure out how one another works related to mobile ads. I’m… Read More »

First mockups

I have received the first mockups of the candy theme and the main character.  I’m impressed with it to be honest. It the first time I actually see something real. The character (I’ve called him Charlie 🙂 ) has a bit of a belly and is missing a tooth. I like the amount of detail honnestly. There’s lots… Read More »

Selecting the theme

Last couple of days, we have been working on the selection of a theme for a game. I figured out that it’s quite a difficult and final decision if I think about it. Once the theme is selected, all the rest will somehow depend on this.  While investigating the top selling apps, I’m also learning that some themes… Read More »

Cost of App reskinning

I have received pricing proposals from all over the world. It seems that most offers for the reskinning of the app are varying between $500 and $1000. Strange how prices can be so different for the same amount of work. I have decided to give this job to an Australian company that has already performed some reskinning jobs… Read More »

Start of a new game

 Decided that I will give it a shot. Figured out I have nothing to loose. True to the spirit of this experiment, I would say :-). I’m going to buy the source code for Kingdom Prince. Here’s why: The price of the source code is only about $100 It includes an iPhone and iPad version, two for the… Read More »

Should I move forward with reskinning

I browsed the internet, found a lot of interesting websites. is one of these cool websites, they sell source code for iOS and Android. Didn’t even know they existed. To be honnest, I’m still struggling with the idea. Should I invest the most part of my initial budget into reskinning a game? Decided I will sleep on… Read More »

Launching mobile game

I have this idea of generating some passive income through mobile advertisements. The idea came after I read about “App Flipping” or “Reskinning apps” on It appears that app reskinning is an emerging trend in the app stores. Candidate for an experiment maybe? The idea behing app flipping is that developers license their source code to you… Read More »

An internet experiment

Welcome to my very first blog post! I’m sure that many of you have come across webpages that mention things like “How to earn more money and work less”, or “How I make $10.000 each day”, or “Easily grow your income” or “Make money while you sleep”…. Should I continue? The many internet blogs about making money online,… Read More »