Getting Started with PubNub and Sendgrid

Inspired by my first experience with PubNub I took it a small step further. While publishing some messages, I also wanted to send an email along using the Sendgrid service. Below is the code for this: from Pubnub import Pubnub import sendgrid import json publish_key = ” subscribe_key = ” channel = ‘wapptastic’ message = ‘Hello Wapptastic’ def… Read More »

Raspberry Pi: Streaming from camera

I have been trying to stream video from my PiCam directly to an iPhone or Android phone. I would prefer to do this based on HTTP Live Streaming but so far this has not worked out successfully. So I decided to use VLC for the time being. To start, first install VLC: pi@raspberrypi ~/Programs/ $ sudo apt-get install… Read More »

Raspberry Pi: Upload images to AWS S3

I recently purchased a camera for my Raspberry Pi. Have been playing around a bit with it. As my readers know by now, I typically start with some easy stuff to get used to it. So I decided to take some photo’s. Obviously I then wanted to see them. As I usually connect through SSH, I could have… Read More »

Raspberry Pi: Blink LED when IP Connectivity

The article on blinking LEDs (cfr was a very easy one. Let’s go for another easy one to get used to the Raspberry Pi. The idea is to have a LED burning (turned on) when the RPi has internet connectivity and to turn it off when there is no internet connectivity. To achieve that, we will send a… Read More »

Getting started with PubNub

[keen] Inspired by this blogpost from my good friend Antonio Mancuso, I decided to experiment also a little bit with PubSub. I know the technology from previous experiences but I have never been able to really take a deep dive into it. As Antonio gave an example based on Ruby, I decided to create an equivalent using Python.… Read More »

Experimenting with Celery and RabbitMQ

Celery is an opensource asynchronous distributed task queue that allows processing of vast amounts of messages. That’s a mouth full of course. Let me explain it a bit easier by giving a concrete example: the idea is that for instance activation emails for new sign ups on your website are handled via tasks that are distributed to and… Read More »

B4B instead of B2B

Why is this interesting In the past decades and even now, most companies were/are built around the traditional model of “make, sell and ship” (B2B). These companies sell a product. Obviously this product needs to be installed so they would sell some services along with it.Obviously, they were/are also selling often expensive support contracts that allows them to… Read More »

AWS account hacked…the verdict

In thispost I described how somebody got unauthorised access to my AWS account and started 160 EC2 instances. I was called by Amazon and started a support case to which I received an initial reply as described in this post. A week has passed, have been sending some mails back and forth with the support team about the… Read More »

Send SMS via Twilio

While I was looking for a tool to send SMS text messages to my customers, I came across Twilio. It seemed pretty straightforward to integrate into my applications. So I decided to write a small script to test this service. This post describes some easy steps to get started with Twilio, more in particular, we write a small… Read More »