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AWS – Create Ubuntu server using Terraform

Introduction The post you’re about to read is pretty similar to an earlier post you might have come across. At that time, I was in need for a Kubernetes cluster on DigitalOcean. Today, I need a Kubernetes cluster on AWS for professional reasons. Why not re-use the work we have done before…. Getting Started Ensure you have Terraform… Read More »

AWS account hacked…the verdict

In thispost I described how somebody got unauthorised access to my AWS account and started 160 EC2 instances. I was called by Amazon and started a support case to which I received an initial reply as described in this post. A week has passed, have been sending some mails back and forth with the support team about the… Read More »

AWS account: first feedback received

In this post, I described how I found out that somebody had been using my AWS account for his own benefit. I received a first reply to my case This is **** in the Escalations team at AWS Customer Service. I’m terribly sorry for any concern the unauthorized usage of your account may have caused, but it looks like… Read More »

AWS account hacked

Surprise I’m a loyal user of AWS since years, I simply like the concept of doing everything in the cloud and I always believed they have an amazing set of services to offer. Although I’m not a heavy user at all (I typically spend less than 10USD per month), I use it quite frequently. I launch an EC2… Read More »