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Consuming Express (NodeJS) REST API with Angular

In our previous post, we had developed a simple Jade application to consume the REST API service we developed in this post. Right now, we will basically do the same but we will use Angular instead of Jade. To get started, we will first clone the Github repository that contains the server code. wim@ubuntu:~/Blog/Express_Todo_Mongo_API_Angular$ git clone https://github.com/wiwa1978/blog-express-todo-mongo-api Express_Todo_Mongo_API_Angular… Read More »

REST API Server with Node (Express) and Mongo

In previous posts, I have been using Sinatra and Flask to create a REST API for a simple todo application. Nodejs has been on my todo list for quite some time so I decided to get to create the same todo-application again in NodeJS (with the Express JS framework). Have fun following this tutorial. Luckily, the Express framework… Read More »