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Python with Jinja2 and YAML

Introduction In this post we’ll see how to work with Jinja2 and YAML in your Python projects, to easily create and modify templates based on a YAML template. Essentially, we will use the configuration in the YAML file to replace the placeholders in the Jinja 2 template file. Jinja2 is widely used, examples include Ansible and also Flask… Read More »

Getting Started with PubNub and Sendgrid

Inspired by my first experience with PubNub I took it a small step further. While publishing some messages, I also wanted to send an email along using the Sendgrid service. Below is the code for this: from Pubnub import Pubnub import sendgrid import json publish_key = ” subscribe_key = ” channel = ‘wapptastic’ message = ‘Hello Wapptastic’ def… Read More »

Getting started with PubNub

[keen] Inspired by this blogpost from my good friend Antonio Mancuso, I decided to experiment also a little bit with PubSub. I know the technology from previous experiences but I have never been able to really take a deep dive into it. As Antonio gave an example based on Ruby, I decided to create an equivalent using Python.… Read More »

Send SMS via Twilio

While I was looking for a tool to send SMS text messages to my customers, I came across Twilio. It seemed pretty straightforward to integrate into my applications. So I decided to write a small script to test this service. This post describes some easy steps to get started with Twilio, more in particular, we write a small… Read More »

Webservice for system info: client part

Introduction In this post, we created a webservice that would allow us to store system information such as public and private IP address or the system name of your computer. In this post, we will develop a small client to use the server. GET /ip Retrieves the list of all systeminfo from the database GET /ip/:id Retrieves a… Read More »

Python Scraping

In this post, I will perform a little scraping exercise. Scraping is a software technique to automatically collect information from a webpage. Note: I have provided this example for illustrative purposes. It should be noted though scraping websites is not always allowed. What will we be doing? In this post, I will be building a very small program… Read More »

Flask Todo app with SQLAlchemy on OpenShift

Starting from the Hello World application In this post, we will create a Todo application based on Flask and SQLAlchemy and also immediately deploy it to Openshift. We begin by creating a simple Hello World app on Openshift to ensure everything works as expected. Flask_Todo_SQLAlchemy$ rhc app create todo python-2.7 postgresql-9.2 ——————- Domain: wymedia Cartridges: python-2.7, postgresql-9.2 Gear… Read More »

Flask Hello World on OpenShift

Introduction Building further on the very simple Hello World Flask app that I created, I wanted to see how difficult it was to do the same on OpenShift. Luckily, the Openshift team has prepared a template app for deploying Flask apps on Openshift. That makes life a bit easier. $ rhc app create hello python-2.7 Application Options ——————-… Read More »