Docker: Create Docker Swarm cluster with Docker Discovery

Introduction Generate a Swarm token WAUTERW-M-G007:Downloads wauterw$ docker-machine create -d virtualbox manager Running pre-create checks… Creating machine… (manager) Copying /Users/wauterw/.docker/machine/cache/boot2docker.iso to /Users/wauterw/.docker/machine/machines/manager/boot2docker.iso… (manager) Creating VirtualBox VM… (manager) Creating SSH key… (manager) Starting the VM… (manager) Check network to re-create if needed… (manager) Waiting for an IP… Waiting for machine to be running, this may take a few minutes…… Read More »

Docker: Docker Machine and DigitalOcean

Introduction In this post we started of with Docker Machine and Virtualbox. Then we moved on to something more complex, we launched a docker host on AWS post. Just for fun, I wanted to try it also on DigitalOcean and documented it in this post. Rather straightforward as you will notice soon. Getting all info I’m assuming you… Read More »

Docker: More on Docker Machine

Introduction In the previous post, I experimented a bit with Docker Machine. I used it to create a docker enabled host on AWS. For this post, I will create a number of other hosts on AWS and experiment a little bit with them (running containers on them, …) WAUTERW-M-G007:~ wauterw$ docker-machine create –driver amazonec2 –amazonec2-vpc-id vpc-93c6ddf6 –amazonec2-region eu-west-1… Read More »

Docker: remove all containers and images

This post just as a reminder how to delete all containers and images. While experimenting with Docker I continuously needs these commands and instead of always Googling them I might be better of just writing a small post. Remove all containers root@ubuntu-demo:/home/cloud-user# docker rm `docker ps -qa` Remove all images root@ubuntu-demo:/home/cloud-user# docker rmi $(docker images -q) Remove all… Read More »

Docker: Getting started with Docker Machine (AWS)

Introduction In this post, we experimented a bit with Docker Machine and Virtualbox. We were able to successfully launch a docker host on Virtualbox. It would be interesting to try this now also on AWS. Note that for this post, I’m assuming you already have an AWS account. Getting all info from AWS You will need to gather… Read More »

Docker: Docker Machine and Virtualbox

Introduction Wanted to learn a bit more on Docker Machine. The idea of Docker Machine is to provision Docker hosts on remote systems. The definition on the Docker site is as follows: Docker Machine is a tool that lets you install Docker Engine on virtual hosts, and manage the hosts with docker-machine commands. You can use Machine to… Read More »

Docker: container linking using Docker Compose

Introduction In previous post, we have been deploying a full web application through linking two containers (application and database) with each other through the docker command line. All went well, but all in all, it is not really an optimal solution. Luckily, Docker again comes to the rescue with the ‘docker-compose’ tool. Dockers explains it pretty well on… Read More »

Docker: push image to Docker hub

Introduction In the previous post, we created an Express application using a Dockerfile. We successfully ran this container at the end of that post (e.g we could see the ‘hello world’ string with our webbrowser. As it worked successfully, we will now push our own image to the Docker Hub so other people could benefit from what we… Read More »