Pulumi - Create AWS EC2 instance (existing VPC)

Introduction In this post, we used Pulumi to create an EC2 instance in the default VPC. What follows is going to be a small variation on that post since we will create an EC2 instance but we will place it in an existing VPC that was created before already.

AWS - Install Kubernetes using Ansible

Quick note: the original post dates from 25-11-2019 but got updated at 01-04-2020 with latest Kubernetes version. Introduction This blog post is a follow up of a post we wrote couple of days ago where we created 3 EC2 instances on AWS.

Create AWS instances with Terraform

Intoduction In this blogpost, we will create an AWS instance onto EC2 entirely using Terraform. Nothing too complex as such, but better to start with something fairly easy and continue to expand on it.